Southern African Year lists - 826 in 2011, what next!!

Species seen in Southern Africa, South Africa and Gauteng in 2014

Kevin Ravno has kindly made his code available for our year lists to be populated onto. Feel free to register and join me in keeping track of your year lists. All species should be ticked based on sighting, not on call alone. Feral birds are only ticked when seen in recognised wild populations, e.g. Peacock on Robben Island.

The lists update in a heirarchy, from right to left, so the Gauteng year will add any new species to Gauteng Total, SA yearlist/Total and SnA yearlist/Total. SA yearlist will add to SA Total, SnA yearlist/Total, and SnA yearlist will add to SnA Total. Your lifelists for Gauteng, South Africa and Southern Africa are therefore automatically updated. Click here to go to an interactive Google map to check the boundaries of the various challenge areas.

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