Grey-headed Albatross Thalassarche chrysostoma (13)
IUCN Red list status: Endangered
Experiences with species

Cliff Dorse booked onto our pre Flock pelagic - we were chatting about what we could see at this time of year, Cliff very brightly chirped "Chatham's!" - most of the sightings had been in late April.... Rich said with Cliff on board, we were bound to see a Grey-headed Albatross. (Cliff has a good success rate with bumping into this ultra rare bird off our coast. Well, lo and behold, what lands in our chum slick but this beauty! A few months later I was privileged to go on a trip down to the sea ice aboard the SA Agulhas II - at one point beyond S40 these birds were as common as muck.

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Ranges: Resident Breeding Non-breeding Migratory Uncertain

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