White-faced Storm Petrel Pelagodroma marina
Experiences with species

A first time passenger asked me whether we'd see any Wilson's Storm Petrels - I said we usually do, but often just fleeting glimpses. I set up station on a back corner of the boat scanning forwards - STORM PETREL was my call - DAMN IT HAS A PALE BELLY! David Allan was up top and first to get a decent view of it - WHITE-FACED STORM PETREL!!!!! was the shout. Three people on board that day got this bird as their first ever Storm Petrel. What a mega! Unfortunately it whipped by so fast that I was only able to snap a few blurred images. Now two and a bit years later we get another view, and this time two birds coming in to the chum slick. WOW!

Other names: Frigate Petrel


Ranges: Resident Breeding Non-breeding Migratory Uncertain

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