Pelagic trips out of Durban Harbour & Simonstown in support of BirdLife South Africa
We've been asked by a few people now for schedules of trips going forward, so that they can plan their "birding calendars". Below is a list of tentative dates for future trips.

Sooty Albatross White-faced Storm Petrel Flesh-footed Shearwater
Barau's Petrel Great-winged Petrel Grey Petrel
Sooty Albatross: June 2016; White-faced Storm Petrel: June 2016; Flesh-footed Shearwater: June 2011; Barau's Petrel: October 2013; Great-winged Petrel: May 2013; Grey Petrel: November 2014

Provisional dates for Durban pelagic trips
Date Places available Click to book
21 October 2023 0 places available (boat # 2) Booking request
23 March 2024 8 places available Booking request
18 May 2024 8 places available Booking request
22 June 2024 8 places available Booking request
13 July 2024 8 places available Booking request
3 August 2024 8 places available Booking request
28 September 2024 8 places available Booking request
26 October 2024 8 places available Booking request

Payment by credit card for the Durban trips is possible here, use the arrows to increase the number of people you are paying for, and once forwarded, fill in your email address above the "continue" button:

A list of species seen on day trips out of Durban is included further down the page.

The cost of the pelagic trip will be communicated to you at time of booking, as this can vary dependent on group size, trip requirements etc. Any profits will be donated to the Albatross Task Force. (Cost is dictated by current market prices, and is therefore subject to change.)

Preparation for the trip:

You will need to arrange your own accomodation around the Durban area, bearing in mind that you need to be at the pier very early on the morning of departure, as we want to make best use of the available daylight and depart at first light. You should bring along refreshments and snacks if you feel you will require. A cash bar is on board serving both cooldrinks and alcoholic beverages. Anti seasickness measures are recommended, pills such as Sturgeron usually do the trick.

Make sure you are dressed for the occasion - sunscreen should be used, even on cloudy days, a cap that won't blow away, and rainproof/windproof jacket as it can get quite cool out at sea.

Please note the trip can move to the Sunday (providing the boat is available) if weather conditions are deemed too bad for it to be safe to venture out to sea on the Saturday, or even be cancelled completely, this is obviously totally out of our hands, therefore allow the weekend for the trip. The skipper checks the forecasts during the week and we try and finalise arrangements by Wednesday afternoon prior to the weekend, however as weather can change radically from hour to hour this should not be taken as gospel that the trip will go ahead - safety always comes first, and should conditions change overnight it can result in a complete cancellation. We normally arrive back at the wharf between 14h00 and 15h00 - note this can be delayed, so if you are flying out of Durban, rather take one of the later flights out King Shaka.

Payment for the trip is due a month before the trip - cancellation in the last week before the trip, or a "no show" will result in your payment being forfeited.

Location of Wilson's Wharf in Google Maps.

Click here for species occurrence off Durban.

Click here to enquire about private group trips out of Cape Town: Booking request

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